Modificar la hora de envio de tus correos

Algunos servidores están configurados con la hora de GMT por lo cual pueden no corresponder a la zona horaria donde te encuentras. Hay una manera muy sencilla de modificando el archivo .htaccess ordenar al servidor que mande los correos con la hora que corresponde a tu zona horaria. Les dejo aqui el código y detalle de esto esperando les sea muy útil.

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1) Using the function “putenv” in your php scripts :

To convert Time Zone using putenv

<? echo “Original Time: “. date(“h:i:s”).”\n”; putenv(“TZ=US/Eastern”); echo “New Time: “. date(“h:i:s”).”\n”; ?>

2) By putting the following string in the .htaccess file in your main public_html folder :

SetEnv TZ “US/Central”

You can use 1st OR 2nd method, however in case your choice is 2nd – all php data/time functions will use the timezone indicated in the .htaccess file.

Also you should use “US/Central” or “GMT-6”, this is identical

Below is a list of timezones and the offset (in hours) from UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). Find your geographic area on the list to determine your offset.

UTC Offset Geographic Area
0 England, Ireland, Portugal
+1 Europe: France, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc.
+2 Central Europe: Turkey, Greece, Finland, etc.
+3 Moscow, Saudi Arabia
+4 Oman
+5 Pakistan
+6 India
+7 Indonesia
+8 China, Phillipines, Malaysia, West Australia
+9 Japan
+10 East Australia
+11 Solomon islands, Micronesia
+12 Marshall Islands, Fiji
-11 Samoa, Midway
-10 Hawaii, French Polynesia, Cook island
-9 Alaska
-8 US Pacific
-7 US Mountain
-6 US Central     (esta es la zona horaria de Mexico)
-5 US Eastern
-4 New Foundland, Venezuela, Chile
-3 Brazil, Argentina, Greenland
-2 Mid-Atlantic
-1 Azores, Cape Verda Is.


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