Real Estate – Invest in Guadalajara

Real Estate – Invest in Guadalajara

Pre Sale in excelnte properties in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Great ROI and quality in the best zones of the city.

We offer several projects with the best architecture. The most awarded architect firms are involvd in the creation of this apartments.

Good distribution and well designer spaces for you to enjoy. Everything in the city is close to you. You can have all the fun from the best places to go in Guadalajara, like Andares, Providencia, Galerias and Chapultepec walk.

Built in the most desired places of the city that are close to theaters, restaurants, malls, parks and landmarks.

We have the honor to present this real estate and we can arrange a meeting or send you information, pictures and details of each place.

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Real Estate in Guadalajara

we have this 4 options for you to invest in the most exciting places in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Development with high appreciation in Guadalajara: Sora

For investment. Delivery JUNE 2018

Sora style tower is a real estate concept in Guadalajara. It is the set of departments strategically located so you can fully live your lifestyle. And that SORA is at a point where the best of Providencia is affordable and uncomplicated. IMAGINE A PLACE TO LIVE IN ALL endonde is 5 minutes. According to international page, the area in which is located SORA is evaluated with 92 points out of 100 in terms of accessibility to walk to a lot of places like shops, banks, restaurants, centers commercial, etc.

SORA is designed to offer its inhabitants pleasant moments to your life.
Here you will find a pool, terrace and deck, multipurpose room, parking, lobby and concierge, 24 hour security, elevators, gym and art space that becomes the perfect complement of the day.


real estate in Guadalajara SORA STYLE TOWER

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Development with high appreciation in Guadalajara : Elleven Tower

For investment . Delivery APRIL 2018

Beautiful development for investors who wish to acquire a property with high appreciation in select locations in the city . Building with 12 levels for 46 departments. Designs 2 and 3 bedrooms . Instalciones excellent amenities such as Swimming pool and terrace , panoramic view on the 5th floor , Lobby and Concierge , multipurpose room , gym , 24 hour security , 4 lifts , parking , parking for visitors .


Elleven tower in Guadalajara Jalisco

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Development with high appreciation in Guadalajara: HIGHTOWER

For investment. 2017 April delivery

DEPARTMENTS 84 m2, 111 m2, 117 m2, 154 m2 and 172 m2

The Outfit your department.
polished porcelain floor grinding. 60×60 cms.
residential carpentry contemporary design. Finished with wood veneer and lacquer quality. With stainless steel hardware. Bathrooms
High pressure taps chrome high gloss. Bathroom furniture certified quality ceramic white. tiling
Matt ceramic floor and wall. Format 33×45 Kitchen
kitchen with granite cover national. High quality equipment. Stove with oven, hood, sink and mixer tap. Window frames
Windows cuprum quality contemporary design. Finished in natural anodized aluminum and 6mm clear glass.

hightowere real estate in Guadalajara. Investors wanted.

Contact Emmanuel Vargas cel 04433-1405-9455

Development with high appreciation in Guadalajara: THE FAMOUS 1380

For investment. 2017 April delivery

1380 FAMOUS born of imagination, music, dreams, culture and way of life unique and original.
THE FAMOUS 1380, 26 apartments designed especially for those people who demand something different from the city.
El Famoso towere in Guadalajara. Apartments for sale.


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